Digital & data protection

The fourth industrial revolution (the “digital era”) is taking over the world. Companies and organisations are finding opportunities and challenges in new technologies. The dynamic and multidisciplinary team at Eubelius is ready to help you tackle all the legal issues of the digital world.

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    Your contacts in Digital & data protection

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    Some of our references:

    • Assisting an international pharmaceutical group in setting up an electronic platform for exchange of research data
    • Drafting and negotiating agreements regarding a software platform for electronic medical records
    • Compliance services in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation for several Belgian and multinational technology companies in various sectors, including setting up policy frameworks including retention policies, data breach notification policies, data subject request policies, etc.
    • Advice regarding setting up international data transfers for multinational companies
    • Providing multidisciplinary advice on data protection, telecommunication and employment law issues for IT projects such as call recording, employee monitoring and whistleblowing schemes
    • Advice (including risk assessments), expert panel and turnkey assistance with digital transformation projects and litigation assistance in cases of failed digital transformation projects
    • Advice regarding contract and competition law issues in the setting up of a network for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
    • Drafting agreements between partners in a project regarding the use of scanning cars for parking fines
    • Drafting and negotiating development and maintenance agreements regarding a new financial services platform
    • Emergency advice on communication and legal obligations following data breaches and, in particular, ransomware attacks
    • Assisting a telecom and internet service provider in relation to data retention and cooperation with the authorities regarding requests for access to personal data
    • Risk assessment for a digital platform on the potential liability risks associated with the launch of a new market-disruptive service
    • Advice regarding an e-ticketing system for a public transportation company
    • Advice on and drafting of contractual documents such as disclaimers, terms of use, privacy and cookie policies and use policies for mobile applications, Internet of Things applications and other digital services and products
    • Advice to a car park operator regarding the use of ANPR cameras in light of the new camera legislation and on the possibility of making (electronic) copies of identity cards
    • Advice to a security firm regarding the installation and usage of surveillance cameras by both companies and consumers and regarding the qualification of a security firm as processor or controller
    • Assisting a company active in the field of crypto assets in launching a crypto assets exchange platform in light of the data protection legislation
    • Litigation before the Constitutional Court regarding data protection safeguards in legislative documents
    • Litigation in contractual disputes between e-telecom players, e.g. concerning number portability, and contractual disputes including liability due to defective IT products and exit issues