Job offers

We are always looking for bright young starters, as well as for attorneys who have already acquired relevant expertise. It is indeed the combination of new ideas and long-standing experience that enables us to deliver high-quality services.

We regularly have opportunities for lawyers, as well as for support staff. Both have a crucial role in the successful conduct of our business.

The offers below are presented in the language in which they are originally issued and may therefore not be available in English.

Our clients expect nothing less than top quality, and rightly so. This makes our profession challenging and innovative, but also demanding. As a result, Eubelius considers it essential to recruit only the best attorneys.

Outstanding reputation

We are renowned for our professional approach and the quality of our advice. All of our attorneys are dedicated professionals with a strong sense of values and respect for their environment. 

Unique atmosphere

At Eubelius, people are at the heart of our business. We put a great deal of effort into creating a stimulating and healthy working environment. Dialogue and respect are key principles. Autonomy is combined with teamwork, creativity with accuracy. Every occasion to get to know one other better is cherished: youngster weekends, ski breaks and various sporting initiatives, and the Christmas and summer parties. 

Direct contact with prominent clients

As part of Belgium's premier independent law firm, you will have the opportunity to work for an extensive and varied clientele, both national and international, ranging from SMEs to multinationals. We also work for the government. You will find it motivating to be in direct contact with clients, gaining first-hand understanding of their needs and concerns, and you will always be closely involved in matters that you are assigned to.
You will quickly get own responsibilities and will, alongside your colleagues, cooperate in the perfect service tailored to our client.

Contribution to a better society

Eubelius also spreads its values beyond the boundaries of its branches and challenges itself to contribute to a better society. Eubelius is a dedicated partner in various social and cultural projects and supports a wide range of initiatives that match its values. All this creates a unique atmosphere among the people working for Eubelius.

Opportunities for training and development

Eubelius is a flexible knowledge organisation. We will encourage you to keep growing in your practice area and thus to further shape your career path. Our more experienced lawyers are always happy to make their time and experience available to coach and advise their younger colleagues. The Eubelius Academy, a unique in-house training programme, allows our younger attorneys to take full advantage of the existing expertise and experience of the firm's partners and senior lawyers. Our attorneys participate in external training and networking activities.

In addition, we also organise professional skills training sessions to give our associates opportunities to improve their soft skills. As an attorney at Eubelius you will also have access to our extensive library and a wealth of information.

International reach

Over the years, we have developed privileged working relationships with independent law firms in other jurisdictions. You will be offered the opportunity to work closely with these firms on matters with an international dimension. 


Would you like to get a taste of the work climate at Eubelius? Read the testimonials of some of our colleagues here and discover why Eubelius is a unique work environment!

Emilie De Baere

As a young lawyer, I find Eubelius to be a very interesting learning environment. I get the chance to work together with attorneys who are some of the best in their disciplines. A very solid academic basis is complemented at Eubelius with specialised knowledge and pleading experience that have been developed over many years. The dedication and passion with which my colleagues handle their cases encourage me to do the best I can myself, day after day.

At Eubelius you are also encouraged to follow your own professional path. This is expressed in many possibilities and opportunities: participation in pleading contests, writing for judicial publications, organising seminars, taking up an assistant's mandate, attending training sessions,…  At Eubelius you are more than just an attorney.

Although people work hard at Eubelius, there is also time for entertainment and fun. Examples such as the youngster weekend, the short-ski break, the summer and Christmas festivities, the Antwerp 10 miles, the 20 km run through Brussels, … but also the nice little moments, such as having lunch together or having a drink on Friday nights, show that Eubelius is more than just a workplace.

To work at Eubelius is to work as part of a professional and motivated team, where young lawyers are trained to become multi-disciplinary attorneys. 

Christina Garcia Lopez

When I was invited to apply to Eubelius to become a staff member, I wondered what I would be doing there… A lot of stereotypes crossed my mind.

But these were instantly swept away when I first met the people at the office. And not once in the three years since then have I changed my mind. I was immediately attracted by the atmosphere at the office. Eubelius is a dynamic firm, focusing on the quality of its work, but also on the well-being of its people.

While working as a staff member, I have seen my job develop through various projects. I particularly love the diversity of my responsibilities and the feeling that I am constantly discovering new things.

What has struck me the most is that, even in a growing firm such as Eubelius, it is possible to preserve the philosophy of a family business where human values are still highly appreciated. Despite the workload and the objectives to be achieved, everyone at Eubelius remains available, open and always ready to help… As far as I am concerned, you will not find a more motivating workplace.

Kristof Caluwaert

Writing a testimonial after having worked at Eubelius for only a few months is not an easy thing to do. Not because nothing has happened in that period of time; quite the contrary – the question is, rather, where to start!

Already during the first days of your training (which is an inevitable element), you get to hear a standard slogan: "Eubelius is different". It sounds like ready-made business talk that you may hear a lot, but below I will try to prove that this is not the case here.

As a young attorney, you are soon given a lot of responsibilities and you get to be involved in various cases. This may cause some stress from time to time, when you are not yet acquainted with a specific matter, but you will soon discover that you are not left on your own.

From day one, you are surrounded by a team of passionate attorneys and associates who will gladly guide you through the world of court offices, which may often seem an amazing world to someone who has just graduated. They are glad to put their knowledge and experience at your disposal and provide you with feedback whenever necessary. Therefore, within a short period of time, I have learned quite a lot with respect to the day-to-day operation of a major law firm.

This all happens in a very accessible and amicable way, so that you never feel restrained by a strict hierarchy. If you have any questions, the door is always open for you (yes, that also applies to partners). Non-work related questions are also willingly answered (preferably on a Friday night over a drink).

All of the above contributes to the fact that Eubelius is indeed "different" from other firms and confirms my confidence in Eubelius as the ideal firm for a starting attorney.