IHSI runner-up for European Innovation Procurement Award for its horizon scanning system for pharmaceuticals

Eubelius assisted RIZIV/INAMI and partner organisations from seven other European countries (Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland) with setting up a system of “horizon scanning” for pharmaceuticals. 

First and foremost, the “horizon scanning” system provides a continuously updated database with information on all types of pharmaceuticals. The system focuses on identifying and assessing new pharmaceuticals that will become available on the international market. This provides RIZIV/INAMI and its partner organisations with the information required to make policy decisions, such as the reimbursement of medicines. And the data from the horizon scanning system also helps the partners to take informed decisions about future collaboration. 

Eubelius assisted RIZIV/INAMI and its partners with establishing a new organisation, the not-for-profit International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI). IHSI will be responsible for managing the “horizon scanning” system.

Eubelius assisted IHSI with appointing a private partner that will develop the “horizon scanning” system and that will also provide it with data. The tender procedure was conducted in conformity with public procurement law.    

The public contract, ultimately awarded by IHSI to the contractor ECRI, was selected by the European Innovation Council for the European Innovation Procurement Awards 2021 in the category for the “Facing Societal Challenges Award”. The aim of this award is to promote innovation and to reward contracts placed into the market in an innovative way. It was announced on 25 November that IHSI is runner-up for the European Innovation Procurement Award.

For more information, see the press release issued by IHSI

The Eubelius team was led by Matthias Wauters, Barteld Schutyser, Pieter Callens and Hans Plancke.