This summer, our Employment & Pensions team looks back over a number of important HR developments that have occurred since the previous summer and looks ahead to your 2018–2019 HR agenda.

The Summer Master Class is subdivided into four sessions. It is an interactive training opportunity for a select group of clients and associates of our Employment & Pensions team, aimed at sharing legal and HR experience in a relaxed, summery atmosphere. 

Past Summer Master Classes

  • 3 July 2018 – Privacy at the workplace 

Privacy at the workplace is a hot topic. During this session, Anneleen Van de Meulebroucke, Maaike Cornelli and François-Xavier Gaudissart zoomed in on the impact of GDPR on HR practice and discussed the most important do’s and don’ts with respect to supervision of computer and internet use, social media, camera surveillance and whistle-blowers at the workplace. 

  • 19 July 2018 – Employees on sick leave: first aid for employers 

Incapacity due to illness continued to catch the attention of both policy makers and the media during the last year. Liesbet Vandenplas, Sophie Vantomme and Maaike Cornelli guided the attendees through the most recent developments in legislation and case law. They also discussed best practices when setting up reintegration policies and individual reintegration programmes, and drew particular attention to termination of incapacitated employees (deviating rules and principle of non-discrimination). This Summer Master Class was an update of the 2017 Summer Master Class. 

  • 9 August 2018 – Something new under the sun: legislation and court decisions of 2017–2018 to keep in mind and 2018–2019 HR agenda 

A number of legislative amendments to various labour laws have been approved since last year. In addition, numerous court decisions impacting the way areas of labour law are implemented in practice have been rendered. Véronique Pertry, Filip Van Beirendonck and Jonas Van Campenhout helped you see the wood through the trees again. They have selected the most relevant new statutes and court decisions for your HR policies and documents. Also, they focused on any not-to-be-missed 2018–2019 HR agenda points.

Upcoming Summer Master Class

  • 28 August 2018 – Flexible staffing: a menu of possibilities?

Employers are increasingly confronted with a fluctuating need for (specialised) personnel. The rigidity of employment law and the high costs related to hiring and dismissing personnel are often at odds with this economic reality. During this session, Véronique Pertry, Liesbet Vandenplas and Maaike Cornelli will provide you with solutions for flexibly filling your staffing needs by sharing personnel and using external employees. 

The attendees at each Summer Master Class receive useful documentation about the topic under discussion and a handy overview for calculating statutory notice periods. If you cannot make it to one of our sessions but would like to receive the documentation and the overview of statutory notice periods, please e-mail your postal address to