Cross-border mergers, demergers and conversions: act transposing the European Mobility Directive published in the Belgian State Gazette

The act of 25 May 2023 implementing EU Directive 2019/2121 of 27 November 2019, known as the Mobility Directive, has been published today, 6 June 2023, in the Belgian State Gazette.

The act changes the landscape for national and cross-border mergers, demergers and conversions (see our previous overview).

The act will enter into force on 16 June 2023, except for some provisions which require further technical implementation. Mergers, demergers and conversions (both cross-border and national) for which the proposal has been filed at the clerk’s office of the competent Enterprise Court at the latest on 16 June 2023 continue, however, to be governed by the old regime.

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