UBO disclosure obligation: annual confirmation required by 30 April 2021

Legal Eubdate
18 March 2021

The UBO regulation imposes the obligation to annually update the information included in the UBO register or to confirm at least annually that the information is still up to date.

As this was technically not yet possible last year, FPS Finance automatically confirmed all information included in the UBO register on 30 April 2020. Therefore, UBO reporting entities which recorded the relevant information about their UBO(s) in the UBO register before 30 April 2020, and have not had any changes with regard to their UBO(s) since, need to confirm that this information is still up to date before 30 April 2021. UBO reporting entities which have registered the relevant information on their UBO(s) after 30 April 2020 (e.g. because they were established after 30 April 2020 or because the information has changed) will also have to confirm this information after one year at the latest.

From now on, FPS Finance will notify you one month in advance via an automatically generated message (sent to your eBox) that the annual deadline is approaching. This will only be possible, of course, if a valid e-mail address is registered with FPS Finance.

Confirming the information is very straightforward: simply log on to MyMinfin and click on the "annual confirmation" button.