Resumption of the 2020 Social Elections procedure: Countdown (Part 2)

4 September 2020

The 2020 Social Elections procedure is about to resume. In the run-up to "Resumption" day (23 September – 6 October), the Eubelius Social Elections Focus Team highlights a selection of electoral topics in four episodes.

Here is the second episode: Voting by letter and e-voting: what's in a name?

Once the Social Elections procedure has resumed in the undertaking, it will be possible for the employer to agree with the representative unions on voting by letter and/or e-voting, at the latest 34 days prior to the new Social Elections day in the undertaking. We highlight the main characteristics of these particular voting systems in this table: comparison voting by letter vs. e-voting. (The date ranges mentioned in the table indicate the period in 2020 within which the relevant deadline falls. The precise deadline depends on the Social Elections day within your undertaking)

For information about the resumption of the 2020 Social Elections procedure, see our earlier article on this subject.

Note: The next forthcoming procedural deadline for the 2020 Social Elections is X+29 (16‑29 September). On this date at the latest, the WC and/or CPPW – or otherwise the employer – must post and communicate a rectification notice (on the basis of a statutory template), specifying the new Social Elections day within the undertaking, the (possibly expanded) voting schedule, and the new electoral calendar.

The Eubelius Social Elections Focus Team is keeping track of the situation. We wish you a smooth restart of the procedure and we are on standby, ready to help you through this unprecedented electoral challenge.