27 April 2020

How can companies gradually rebuild their economic activities while taking into account the social distancing requirements? The generic guide “Safe at work”, which is now available on the FPS Employment website, provides a very comprehensive framework of guidelines for all business sectors and employers. This guide has been prepared by the social partners of the High Council for Prevention and Protection at Work, the Minister of Labour’s Policy Unit and experts from FPS Employment. It will be updated on a regular basis with new scientific insights and good practices and is available in Dutch and French.

This guide seems to be a really valuable tool to kick off the exit strategy. The different business sectors should now elaborate on this by devising further specific measures to help companies develop and implement the necessary concrete measures in the workplace. Social dialogue will be key in this process.

For a generic guide, it already contains some fairly concrete proposed educational and organisational measures, and it is extensively documented with examples, pictures and plans. When reading through the guide, there is a risk of starting to feel overwhelmed, as there is no doubt that deciding on the appropriate measures, implementing them and then ensuring they are (and continue to be) applied correctly within the company will be a huge task in the days, weeks and months ahead.

The Eubelius Employment Team