Social sustainability

Social sustainability is a broad field that extends far beyond the internal organisation of your company. Its main purpose is to promote human rights. Relationships are key: your company’s relationship with your employees, as well as with external workers, service providers, contractors, suppliers, customers, and all other stakeholders. Social sustainability deals with the organisation of work and the workplace, the impact on well-being, safety and health, the ecological footprint, respect for human rights (such as equal treatment and non-discrimination), diversity and inclusion, new forms of employment and the social protection associated with them (such as flexible staffing, platform work), continuous staff training and talent development, fair compensation policies, etc.

A general framework for the social element in ESG has existed since the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Step by step, new legislation is emerging in relation to compliance, due diligence and reporting for companies.

The Employment team closely follows the evolution of social law. We are happy to assist you in preparing an internal policy and a pragmatic approach to anticipate the various requirements and successfully pass the social test in your business operations.