A tax dawn raid almost always takes place unannounced. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you are well informed of your rights and obligations and that you are thoroughly prepared. Our highly specialised team is on top of the latest developments in legislation and case law and provides assistance during each phase of the dawn raid: in advance, the team helps you to draw up a step-by-step guide, covering the most pressing topics such as the valid representation of the company vis-à-vis the tax authorities, the drafting of guidelines to be observed and checklists that can be used during the audit, as well as tips on the organisation of digital information and archives and the protection of personal data. During the dawn raid, our team will also assist you on site to safeguard all your rights (e.g. with regard to the correct demarcation of the tax authority’s powers during the dawn raid, the protection of personal data, confidential and private information, and assistance during interrogations). Afterwards, the team also advises you on the further necessary steps and on the development of a possible defence strategy.