This year, Eubelius is staging “The Warmest Month”

10 December 2020

2020 has been an unusual and exceptional year for everyone.

Each year, Eubelius takes part in the "De Warmste Week" event. This year, however, and partly due to the special circumstances, the firm had decided to take a different approach and set up its own initiative.

This year it is extremely difficult to organise fundraising activities through our colleagues for one individual charity while everyone is working from home,” says Barteld Schutyser, chairman of the CSR committee. “We are also well aware, in these strange times, that we will unfortunately have to miss out on the sense of belonging to a group that usually comes with raising money for good causes. But as chairman of the CSR committee, I am particularly proud that the firm has been able to support numerous social and cultural organisations in recent months: Poverello, Amusea, Het nieuwstedelijk, among others.

Because, in addition to our usual initiatives,” Barteld continues, “our Eubelians are always willing to support numerous organisations and help them in their own way. So it is our pleasure to showcase these activities this year – especially as these kinds of programmes also fit well with our DNA. And that is why, this year, we’re not having a “Warmest Week”, but “The Warmest Month.

This means that, this year, the CSR committee will not nominate one specific charitable cause to support, but instead will leave it up to each individual Eubelian himself or herself,” explains Emilie De Baere, who is setting up the initiative. “All we are doing is simply encouraging all Eubelians to financially support one or more charities of their choice. It might be a large or well-known organisation, but it could also be a small, local cause that is close to their heart. Because, this year in particular, we need to demonstrate that we are truly warm-hearted. And every contribution, large or small, can make a real difference.

“To help keep track of the various donations, the firm has set up a special website:,” concludes Mamette El Bouyahyaoui. “This is a site that Eubelians can visit to see, in real time, how much money has already been raised and for which causes. Our hope, of course, is that during December masses of deposits and donations will be made, and, knowing the generosity of our Eubelians, I have every confidence that we will raise a record amount for all sorts of associations.”

You will be able to find out what the final figure is in the next issue of Legal Eubdate. To be continued, then…