New Belgian national convergence plan for the development of artificial intelligence

Legal Eubdate
24 November 2022

On 28 October 2022, the Council of Ministers approved the national convergence plan for the development of artificial intelligence (“Convergence Plan”).

Belgium aims to be a leader in terms of implementing AI applications in its economy and to become a smart AI nation. While AI offers opportunities in areas such as energy, climate and health, it is also important to anticipate the risks of AI applications and to provide a safe framework in which these new technologies can develop. 

The Convergence Plan sets nine objectives:

  1. Promote reliable AI,
  2. Ensure cybersecurity,
  3. Strengthen Belgium’s competitiveness and attractiveness through AI,
  4. Develop a data-driven economy and high-performance infrastructure,
  5. Place AI at the heart of healthcare,
  6. Use AI for the benefit of sustainable mobility,
  7. Protect the environment,
  8. Provide better and lifelong training, and
  9. Provide better services and protection to citizens.

Each objective is complemented by action lines that materialise the objectives. Attention is also paid to the concrete implementation and governance of the Convergence Plan. A joint steering committee will be set up by the federal public services Policy & Support and Economy to contribute to the implementation of the Convergence Plan.