Eubelius supports (Brussels) artistic talent from WIELS’ residency programme

13 October 2023

Eubelius is pleased to present its partnership with leading arts institution WIELS!

Eubelius recognises the importance of a dynamic and shared culture as part of broader sustainable social development and, in this context, seeks to do its part to support the (Brussels) cultural sector.

Partnering with WIELS was an obvious choice. WIELS is the centre for contemporary art in the middle of the European capital. It is a place for dialogue, innovative ideas and creative experiences.

WIELS annually provides workplaces for 20 artists to give them the opportunity to focus fully on the artistic process of conception, creation and production. The renowned residency programme runs for six months each time. There are nine studios at WIELS, of which 2-3 are always reserved for Belgian artists. The artists are not selected based on age or fame, but on the originality and quality of their discourse and their aesthetic language.

The residency provides working spaces in a suitable environment for artists seeking autonomy, professional feedback and/or interaction with the international contemporary art scene that Brussels in particular offers. This is done through participation in current artistic practices and theoretical debates, weekly discussions with mentors, and presentations to the public. Eubelius therefore wholeheartedly supports the following Brussels-based established artistic talents as part of their WIELS residency:

“The residency programme grants us a unique insight into the creative process of (emerging) contemporary artists. It is a privilege for us to be able to contribute in this way to the vibrant artistic pool of artists on the Brussels art scene,” explain Anneleen Van de Meulebroucke, Gauthier Vlassenbroeck and Hans Verstrepen – supporters of the WIELS partnership within Eubelius.