Eubelius achieves second star for Ecodynamic Enterprise label

3 February 2023

On Thursday 12 January, our CSR Committee chair Barteld Schutyser announced that our firm has obtained a second star for the “Ecodynamic Enterprise” label.

The label rewards Brussels-based companies which take measures to reduce the impact of their business activity on the environment and encourages them to take further steps to do so year after year.

To achieve these results, the company’s eco-management must meet several criteria.

Eubelius is aware that we should and can make efforts that have a positive impact on our society. We have taken several initiatives to this end.

Employees can use two electric bicycles to get around Brussels. Charging stations for cars are available for both our clients and Eubelians. The use of public transport is encouraged. The correct programming and proper monitoring of heating and cooling of our offices is closely monitored. On an ongoing basis, we sensitise Eubelians to switch off unnecessary lights and to sort waste correctly. To reduce paper consumption at client seminars, handouts of presentations are made available to participants digitally.

Our purchasing policy pays attention to Fairtrade products, and we select caterers who also take care in choosing their ingredients and can offer a healthy and diverse range. We avoid food surpluses as much as possible. Fruit, fresh soup and a wide range of sporting events inspire our employees. Laptops no longer used in the office are donated to schools or charities supported by the CSR Committee.

“I am immensely proud of our office achieving this second star, but we want to do even better. Social responsibility is important, and this star also shows our clients that we take this to heart. There is still a way to go. We will continue to work on sustainable operations.” says our CSR Committee chair Barteld Schutyser.