Recent developments in intellectual property and trade secrets

25 January 2019

Yesterday Eubelius organised its first client seminar of the year, with 100 participants. Our IP specialist Pieter Callens introduced us to the fascinating world of intellectual property and trade secrets.

Pieter gave insights into recent case law and legislative changes in the field of trade marks, designs, patents and copyright. He also explained the new Belgian law regarding the protection of trade secrets.

Among other things, we learned that:

  • removing trade marks from goods also constitutes a trade mark infringement;
  • exotic cats and beer brands like to litigate their trade marks;
  • car rims may be repaired but may not be tuned using copies of protected designs;
  • in acquisitions, attention should be paid to updating the patent register;
  • tastes cannot be protected by copyright;
  • copyright remains “in the cloud”;
  • products which take advantage of illegally obtained trade secrets can be recalled from the market.

Would you like more information? Please contact Pieter Callens: or phone +32 2 543 31 00.