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Eubelius assists Leasinvest in the divestment of a major part of its logistics portfolio

The public BE-REIT Leasinvest has signed a binding agreement – subject to limited conditions precedent – for the granting of a 99-year leasehold right on three of its logistics buildings in Belgium in favour of a renowned foreign logistics real estate fund. The transaction value exceeds €60 million.

The three buildings, with a total surface area of 80,000 m² of storage space and 8,000 m² of offices, are 100% leased to high-quality tenants and are located in Tongeren (Heesterveldweg, leased to SKF), Wommelgem (Nijverheidslaan, leased to various tenants including Van In and Vanden Borre) and Neder-Over-Heembeek (Canal Logistics phase 1, Vilvoordsesteenweg, leased to tenants including Doctors Without Borders and Ziegler).

The Eubelius team members involved were Lars Van Bever and Tim Van Moorhem.


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