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Key strengths

Professional leadership and high partner involvement
We are proud of having brought together a team of professionals whom we consider to be lawyers of exceptional expertise and experience. Each of our partners is a leader in his or her area of practice. Last but not least, all our partners are actively involved in the matters they are responsible for. This is not limited to a coordinating or management role, but includes active, hands-on involvement with the content.

Genuine excellence in all areas of Belgian and European business law
The business environment continues to globalise, but at the same time the density and complexity of government regulation continue to increase. In order to handle sophisticated business transactions, law firms must have solid expertise in each of the areas of law that are relevant to the business world.

And needless to say, law firms must be able to integrate these various areas of expertise in order to deliver a seamless work product, not just a loose aggregation of separate analyses. That is precisely the commitment that Eubelius makes to its clients. Each of our teams draws on the expertise of our other teams whenever matters so require. In areas where interdisciplinary approach is required, integrated teams with experts from various practice groups are created. Thus we are able to provide fully integrated advice in areas such as real estate, pensions, public-private partnerships and public sector personnel, and we are well equipped to perform full‑scope legal due diligence.

In some fields our integrated teams function as fully integrated multidisciplinary practice groups, especially in the fields of dispute resolution and litigation, pensions and benefits, public-private partnerships and real estate and construction.

For our firm, the Belgian legal market is not an ancillary business, but our sole area of practice. Many of the firm's attorneys have high-profile academic affiliations. This reflects the importance that we attach to expert, in-depth counselling and representation.

Focus on clients, not on products
We apply our expertise for the benefit of our clients. Many clients have been with us since our early years. We  are interested in developing lasting professional relationships, not just in capturing major projects.

This concern for our clients also drives us to constantly provide them with up-to-date, practical and reliable information on a relevant selection of new legislation and legal developments. Our client seminars are well attended and our publications are gaining a reputation in their own right.

Innovative, effective counselling
Competition on the market for legal services has intensified, and clients have benefited from this development. Today's clients expect a combination of expertise, creativity and availability, all at attractive rates. Our partners are fully committed to delivering on that expectation.

Today there are very few remaining law firms in Belgium which combine independence with the ability to handle complex cross-border transactions. It is precisely this combination which represents one of our core strengths. The attention and resources that we allocate to our various practice areas are not dictated by a remote head office but respond directly to the requirements and interests of our clients. In a comparatively small country such as Belgium, where the market for legal services to business customers has undergone significant concentration, conflicts of interest have become a real area of concern for clients. Our independence enables us to pursue and protect our clients' interests even better.

A solid team
We were the first Belgian firm to opt for a name that does not refer to one of our current or former partners. This choice reflects our belief that in today's world, the practice of law is more than ever a matter of teamwork. It is not just on paper that we are an integrated law firm. And we are proud to be able to confirm that every individual member of the team is a as solid as the team itself.

Flexibility and entrepreneurship are highly valued; all of our attorneys work together as a team with a minimum of hierarchy.

We have thus developed the ability to combine the expertise of our various practice groups and deliver a seamless work product of superior quality.

Regular involvement in legislative work
Many of our partners and senior associates are recognised experts in the area of law they practice and serve as experts in advising on and drafting federal and regional legislation.

Partners and senior associates are or have recently been active in, among other legislative fields, civil and criminal procedural law, commercial practices, corporate law, real estate law, and the reform of the Belgian State. We cherish this cooperation with the legislator and also consider it as a small service to the community. We regard the exceptional degree of involvement of many of our attorneys as recognition of their expertise and as a token of confidence in our firm's in-depth knowledge of the fields of law in which we are active.

Being involved in the legislative process at an early stage also gives us head start when it comes to the implementation of new law.

International reach
We have the same cross-border capabilities as multi-country firms. We are proud to have developed privileged working relationships with independent firms in other jurisdictions that are universally recognised as leaders.

On numerous occasions we have deployed, together with these and other firms, an integrated team that delivered a seamless work product. We believe that the organisation of such tailor-made integrated teams is the formula that best meets our clients' needs - guaranteeing genuine freedom of choice, the strongest possible expertise for each jurisdiction, a superior work product, and fees that do not include the unnecessary overhead expenses typical for a large organisation.


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