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Eubelius and society

Eubelius is concerned about society and is very much aware of its responsibility within and towards society. One of the ways in which Eubelius wants to contribute to a better society is by devoting some of its time and resources to projects built around values that we share.

Such values include environmental care, societal responsibility, consideration for those who are weaker, stimulation of talent, mutual respect, health, practising law in a thoughtful and responsible manner, and much more… We always strive for sincere quality, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an interest in our cultural, societal and political past. We respect tradition while maintaining an open mind towards the world around us, allowing room for originality, an eye for authenticity and a shared passion for beauty.

Our people and our working environment

Our social involvement obviously starts with ourselves. Eubelius attaches great importance to a healthy and pleasant working environment: the well-being of our people is of primary importance. Our attorneys and staff are encouraged to take a break for sport during the working day (weekly Start-to-Run sessions with professional coaching, running for advanced level runners, fitness opportunities supported by the firm). We have a regular supply of fresh “bio” soup and fruit for the entire office.

Dialogue and respect are key principles. We share ideas and start up new projects together. Teamwork is the general rule, in all areas. We are not afraid of diversity in our own organisation. Not surprisingly, Eubelius is one of the cornerstones of WILL (Women in Law and Leadership), a collaborative venture among some 15 law firms which encourages and supports women in their professional development as attorneys.

We encourage personal education through internal training programmes and by enabling our attorneys and staff to participate in external seminars (see Work at Eubelius).

At Eubelius, human relations are of predominant importance. Every occasion to celebrate is cherished: Family Day, Sinterklaas/Saint-Nicolas, or a team weekend: we make a party of it and get to know one another better and in a different setting.

Our environment

At Eubelius, we consciously and systematically act from a viewpoint of sustainable development – in a way that is adapted to the context of a law firm, of course. All our printers, copiers and paper supplies were changed recently, and environmental friendliness was a criterion equally as important as reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness. Our attorneys and staff are encouraged to be thoughtful and moderate when it comes to printing documents on paper.

Our catering is simple, and where possible, Belgian; we purchase in large quantities and/or from fair trade sources. Leftover food is quickly passed on to Povorello, with the aid of a courier firm which provides this service as part of its own social involvement.

In Brussels and Antwerp we encourage the use of public transport for (business) trips within the city. We also pay the entire costs of travel by public transport between home and work for our staff.

The Brussels office of Eubelius received the "Ecodynamic Enterprise" label with 1 star in June 2014. This label is an official recognition by the Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment for good practice in environmental management within our organisation. This recognition rewards our continuous efforts in relation to rational energy use, waste prevention, waste management and mobility. The environmental changes needed to qualify for the first star are now fully integrated into our daily working environment.

Donations and volunteers

Sometimes we simply share our resources  with others: through participating in Legal Run or by taking initiatives ourselves, in our neighbourhood, or for people we know and trust, such as NASCI. We also provide a framework that allows our attorneys and staff to invest their personal time and knowledge in supporting projects that can make very good use of them.

Pro bono

Eubelius assists a number of not-for-profit associations on a pro bono basis. Two criteria are relevant to accepting an association as a pro bono client: (i) do we recognise ourselves in the goals of the association and the way it achieves those goals?; and (ii) does the required legal assistance fit in with our regular field of work – business law in the broadest sense (see Practice Areas)?

In line with this approach, Eubelius is the regular counsel of Vredeseilanden (www.vredeseilanden.be), an NGO, and of Samman (www.samman.be), which aims at bringing together people and resources to support carefully selected socially relevant projects.



Eubelius supports various cultural and social initiatives.

For example, Eubelius financially supported the polyphonic vocal ensemble Victoria Consort in the production of its first CD, Speciosa. The ensemble focuses on the particularly rich artistic and vocal development of the so-called fiamingi, active from northern France to the south of the Netherlands.

Eubelius co-sponsors Le Concert Olympique on a regular basis. This 40-member orchestra conducted by Jan Caeyers focuses on Beethoven and contemporary composers. The orchestra constantly strives for innovation with the musical tradition as a starting point and hence creates an environment for new interpretations of well-known music and lyrics.

The work of Artara is innovative and leaves a lasting impression. Artara is a young theatre ensemble inspired and headed by Fabrice Murgia, and is financially and materially supported by Eubelius. Artara is extremely talented and evokes the society we live in boldly and strikingly with its special mise en scène. Artara started in Belgium but increasingly performs around Europe.

Passerelle is a platform for young dancers from the Kortrijk region that is co-sponsored by Eubelius and which facilitates cooperation between professional choreographers and dancers and youngsters with or without professional experience. This way, talented young people are given opportunities they would not ever get otherwise.

The Conférénce Olivaint is a bilingual (Dutch/French) and pluralistic association which educates students and former students regarding good governance. It studies institutions, standards, procedures and attitudes that influence the way authority is exercised at the local, national and international level. Eubelius contributes to the financing of Olivaint.


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